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Capital Campaign

Funding our Capital Campaign
by Ronald Kaplan

The mission of American Songbook Preservation Society is: To preserve our cultural legacy known as the Great American Songbook by presenting this music to the public at home and abroad as Ambassadors of Song.

The music business has changed dramatically in the past 50 years, since the end of the Great American Songbook era. Record sales are in a free-fall, live performances are being replaced by disc jockeys and the world is converging on virtual models. In this environment, how are we to train new performers and expose young people to a time of greatness in American music? A beginning can be seen here, at, but we need more. If this cultural treasure is to be preserved, an entire community must emerge – singers and musicians who are trained to present this music and an audience who loves it. The building blocks of this community are sponsorships for talent, scholarships for students, presentation of concerts and building a virtual educational resource that will stimulate interest worldwide far into the future.

When we typically think of a Capital Campaign, we think of “brick and mortar” buildings, but the Internet has become a virtual world, full of commerce, education, and entertainment. We believe that this is the world we must inhabit to bring our message and build on our future by providing content to educate, entertain, and monetize opportunities for our organization in fulfilling our mission to continue the Cultural Legacy of our National Treasure known as the Great American Songbook, America’s classical music.

It is along this line of thinking and in this spirit, that we implore those that love this music and want it to continue for future generations support our Capital Campaign project to build a future for our past.

On the additional pages your will find our detailed plans with our budget and timeline available for those donors who believe in our mission and goals, and want to support our Capital Campaign to develop our Project.

Thank you for your support!

Ronald Kaplan, Executive Director
American Songbook Preservation Society

November 2011 Holiday Greetings

Warm Holiday Wishes 2011 and Happy New Year 2012

Another turn of the page and into the holiday season once again…

Thank you for your support this year and always. We do appreciate all of you who
have expressed your interest in our organization and how you can help.

We are all great fans of this music and want to keep it going for future generations.

It is in this spirit that I want to share a link to Michael Feinstein’s Foundation for
the preservation of the Great American Songbook. We are very proud of his efforts
and share many of the same goals

You can help us to build an organization to present this music to the public at home
and abroad as Ambassadors of Song with your generous tax deductible donation.
You can donate right here and now online by clicking the link below:
or write us at 9051-A Soquel Drive Aptos, California 95003.

We were also fortunate this year in sharing our documentary film “Word’s and
Music” on and their viewing audience along with “Singing the Great
American Songbook”
our 15 Singer concert featuring many of L.A.’s finest singers.


Ronald Kaplan
Executive Director

American Songbook Preservation Society
…Singing the Great American Songbook
(831) 687-0278